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Your One Source for Collections

AACA, the American Alliance of Creditor Attorneys, is your one-stop destination for comprehensive nationwide consumer debt collection. Combining the resources of a national network of law firms with the convenience of a single vendor source, AACA seamlessly manages collection attorney resources throughout the United States and Puerto Rico to recover debt for high-volume credit grantors and debt buyers.

AACA saves time and money by handling all of the details of financial reconciliation – and provides constant access to the latest collections activity through our unique Pipeway® secure online reporting system. Because AACA adheres to the highest international compliance standards for information security, we are confident your data will remain secure from placement through litigation and collection.

Founded by collections attorneys, AACA is committed to personal service and solutions customized to the individual needs of each customer, all at fees generally lower than traditional collections options. See the difference AACA can make for you.




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