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AACA implements high standards in selecting law firms as AACA service providers. Law firms wishing to join the AACA network must meet specific requirements and agree to provide quality service to our clients. To help achieve this goal, AACA law firms must, at all times:
  • Comply with all Rules of Conduct, Codes of Professional Responsibility and all other ethical guidelines of the legal profession, as may be required by their state and local bar associations, in addition to the GLBA and Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
  • Keep current on the latest changes in the law that affects their areas of practice
  • Maintain a minimum of $1 million in Legal Liability Insurance
  • Report status information on each account promptly
  • Follow each AACA-provided client guide
  • Inform AACA, and the client, of potential lawsuits and violations that could impact their ability to perform their duties
  • Maintain a separate IOLTA account in accordance with all applicable rules and regulations
  • Remit funds timely in accordance with the instructions of AACA
  • Maintain accurate records and be willing to assist AACA and the client in conducting periodic audits
  • Be an active participant to help AACA improve the services it provides to the client
AACA Law Firm Standards
To learn more about becoming an AACA Law Firm, please complete and send an Application for Membership to Tom Balcerzak, AACA President.
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